About School of Spanish

At School of Spanish in India, we are a talented team of dedicated teachers who worth the innumerable benefits of studying foreign language and cultures abroad. We believe in our capability to offer and cultural training in conjunction with a level of service. At Spanish Institute in Delhi, Our native and non-native Spanish-speaking instructors are quite experienced as well as engaging.

At School of Spanish in India, we utilize a communicative way of teaching. Our main goal is to improve the student’s way communication abilities as well as competency. We enable impulsive and creative utilization of the Spanish language in real life situations. Our trainers vigilantly monitor the development of every student and acclimatize their teachings to match with the personal learning styles and abilities.


• To provide with top-notch Spanish Courses In Delhi to our learners
• In an environment of broadmindedness and honesty to diversity, our goal is to cultivate a better comprehension of the social and cultural influence of upgraded communication through language learning


At School of Spanish, we keep up an open and student-centered curriculum. Using unmistakably defined objectives, our guidance is personalized to the abilities, requirements, and interests of our learners. Regardless of a multiplicity of methodologies right now accessible in the field of foreign language instruction, there is a concrete consensus around the significance of building up a student’s communicative skills.

Besides the strong accentuation on conversational abilities, appropriate language learning likewise involves practice and training in the accompanying areas of communication:

• Communicative Competence
• Listening
• Oral Expression, Pronunciation, and Fluency
• Grammar and Structure
• Vocabulary and Accuracy
• Reading Comprehension
• Composition and Spelling

From the very first class, beginner, intermediate or advances students will benefit from by total immersion into the Spanish language. In our Spanish Classes in Delhi, our accomplished educators will build up a class and instruct students solely in Spanish. They will utilize clear expression, gestures and audiovisual to offer a well-rounded, understandable methodology allowing learners to partake and communicate in Spanish from day one.