DELE Preparation Course

Everyone enjoys the appreciation or value that one gives when you have something that makes you different from others. Having knowledge of different prospects can build your career and can make you proud of yourself. The current growing and multinational companies are setting their requirements at a top-notch in order to select employees. The most important and demanding requirement is the skills of speaking more than one language.

School of Spanish is an institute of learning Spanish language that helps many students in achieving their goals of working in MNC companies. It is a Spanish Institute in Delhi which makes students to touch the height of success in their career. We have well-trained, experienced and talented teachers who explain each and every concept in details. So, that student becomes confident and can speak fluent Spanish in front of the foreign country people.

They provide advanced courses in Spanish that includes DELE preparation course. This is for doing diploma in foreign language (Spanish). People who are planning to settle in Spanish speaking country for studies or working in their companies should definitely opt for DELE course. It is the only proof or certificate that will help the Spanish ministry of education, culture and sport to recognize, even if you are not a native Spanish speaker. This course will also help you in adjusting in a Spanish speaking country environment and communicating with them. If you are willing to make an identity in an unknown country then pull your socks up and get ready for DELE examinations with us.

This preparation course is made for only those students who want a certificate recognized professionally, officially and internationally. Forgetting the certificate you have to clear DELE exams that are very important for the students who want to study in a Spanish university or work in Spanish speaking country. This course is not limited to any age, anyone who wishes to do it can opt for this course. Students have to attend each and every course with full determination for passing examination smoothly. The classes will give you the complete knowledge of the questions that will come in the exam, learn some ideas of attending the paper and will provide you with some tips from our trained and experience DELE teachers. The course is usually for 2 or 4 weeks that you will get before the exam dates. School of Spanish provides the best knowledge of this course to the student and prepares them with a clearance of every concept. Many of our students have passed successfully and had built their career in the Spanish speaking country. People who want the Spanish certificate can go for the DELE examinations and we will help you to overcome all the hurdles that you will get during this period of time.

There are people who hesitate in doing something different from others as they don’t get enough experienced people who can give the best knowledge in that field. But doing something new can only make your personality different from others. We are a trustworthy Spanish institute and give our 100% in giving training to the trainees. Our trained and cooperative teachers will first analyze your learning power and then will teach you, so that all the concepts are clearly fixed in your mind.

There are six levels in DELE examination:

Level A1- The person can communicate with others using basic and daily used words in the situation that has to do with sudden needs or everyday situations.

Level A2- The person can convey their basic information such as about their families, hobbies, work etc. They can understand the commonly used words or phrases and use in the required situation.

Level b2- This certifies that the person carries the knowledge of dealing with the situations that can occur while traveling to some other Spanish speaking country and can introduce themselves by using simple and regular used texts. They can also share their experiences, dreams, hopes and strongly put their opinions and plans in front of everyone without any hesitation.

Level B2- The person holds the talent of speaking fluent Spanish with the native speakers and can have easy going or natural communication. They can clearly understand all the topics, can take part in any argument and can defend about general topics.

Level C1- This certifies that the person can understand lengthy speech or texts and can express their feelings or point of view fluently without any extra effort as they are speaking their native language. They have full knowledge of using right words in a correct place, so that they can make their point clear, well-explained in everyone’s head.

Level C2- The person is capable to communicate in any situation and can handle the circumstances very gracefully with their fluent Spanish. They can deal with any complicated or uncommonly used texts, words or phrases with natural expressions.

These are the stages that will be explained in the DELE Preparation Course and we will give our best to make you understand and pass the exams with full dedication.